Mae’s Crafty Creations
I have been trying to create my first "posting" but seem to keep deleting it. This time it will work. Lets hope the third times a charm.

Nic is playing real football for the first time this year with the Valley Wolfpack in Sumner. What is interesting is his baseball team is also the Wolfpack, neither team is associated with each other. He seems to be enjoying it and learning how to play. Steve & I wish he showed more aggression. I know he will get there.

Hard to believe he is in the 6th grade. He has grown so fast. This year has just started & he seems to have more homework than in the past. Thank goodness he is a great student & really cares about how he does.

Steve & I are preparing for our vacation next summer. We decided this summer to go to Hawaii. We have been dieting & working out so we get into the shape we would like to be before we go. Time to save, save, save.