Mae’s Crafty Creations

Fishafella for my Dad

This is my Dad's birthday card. My parents birthday's are right next to each other & this is him to a T. Fishing with him is one of my first memories. So the colors of the fish are a little off, but who says they don't really exist. The colorful ones are just hiding from the rest of us!!!

My First Magnolia

Well I am showing off my first Magnolia....Giggling Tilda. I received this in the mail on Saturday (it was on backorder) and she is just the cutest. I have made this card for my mom's birthday. I sure hope she likes it.

Christmas Bellas & More

Just a small sampling of the Christmas cards I have been working on. I want to thank everyone for swapping with me. I just love my bellas and the sweet ladies that have provided me with images. My favorite so far is snowbunnybella. She is just the best image. I am hoping to work on more this weekend. I have some High Hopes, Sugar Nellie & Whiff of Joy's to do. Thanks for stopping by.

Blog Candy offer...

Vicki is offering some wonderful blog candy....stop on over before Wednesday the 26th. She is even inlcuding a copy of her first children's book. So cute!!

Thanksgiving/Fall Cards

Well I am slow in posting my creations from last weekend. Hard to believe it is the weekend again (almost - just a few more hours). I made a batch of Thanksgiving cards for family & friends and remembered to take pictures before I mailed them off. Let me know what you think...

Sheet Loads Blog Candy Blowout

Check out the blog candy from Shannon and Sheetload of Cards. Shannon is giving away this whole set for several winners.

Sara is also offering some great candy over on her blog. She is picking a winner on Sunday evening, so check it out.

I have been on a reading spree. I guess you could say my first love is reading and my second is crafting. That is why I have been sparse in my craft postings. Along with everything else going on (family, work, chauffer for my son) I have been spending all my free time & some sleep time reading. Now that I have been able to get some quality time in for that, I hope to be able to post something this weekend. I have received some great images from some swaps & am excited to get going. I also want to make all my Christmas cards this year sooooo I better get going. Ya think??!!!!!

Blog Candy

Check out Amy's blog candy that ends on Monday the 10th. I just love those High Hopes Stamps!! Super cute!!

Suzanne is also offering some special candy. She has exceded 50,000 hits (WOW). Amazing, just like her talent. It ends 11/8.

Jennifer over at A Page At A Time is offering some blog candy....$10 off at her store. Stop on over and leave a comment. Add that I sent you and we both get a chance.

Outdoor BBQ

So here we are to date. The majority of the outdoor BBQ is done. All that Steve has left to do are cabinet drawers & doors. Connect the gas & run electrical for stove, BBQ & Stereo. We still need to decide on tile, but we have that pretty much picked. Then it needs to be installed. The last thing we need to get done is stair railing on the side of the BBQ. Just too much of a hole there, that I would probably fall through. I am the clumsy one that trips on everything & nothing. You can see Zoom our Vizsla in the last picture.

Happy Halloween & Candy..Candy..Candy

Don't you just love the talent out there!!! Have a happy & safe Halloween.
For you fans out there...the sad news is Tilda & Co / Sarah Kay Challenges are no more, The good news is we have a brand new challenge blog Magnolia Vs Stampavie!!! Check out the new blog & challenges will start in December. Check it out!!! The designers are offering blog candy that will be given away.

Camilla has listed some great blog candy. For those Magnolia lovers out there, she has posted beautiful cards.
Chrissy has some candy. Check it out.

Mt. Rainier

Isn't this just breathtaking??? I was driving to my inlaws yesterday to pick up a bike of theirs I had sold on Craigs list for them and on the way...this is my view. The south part of Puyallup has this beautiful mountain just there. A Ginormious, beautiful amazing creation. The sky was so blue and the sun was shining. I didn't have my camera, but was able to find this photo on google to share with you. I could never tire of seeing this!!

Dannie's Blog Candy

Check out Dannie's blog candy. She is celebrating her 3ooo hits!!
Just a quick note for today. Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Papercrafts by Rach is offering a beautiful Whiff of Joy stamp & other goodies. Check it out!!!

Jill is celebrating her 10,000 hits with a super cute Forever Friends stamp & some great paper.

BoBunny Album

I have started on some Christmas gifts. I saw an album done like this on the CTMH consultant bulletin board & just loved it. I was able to get "FAMILY & FRIEND" at my LSS and just completed this one for my grandma. Nic & I (Steve had to work) vacationed with my parents the summer of 06 and we ended our camping trip in Boise, ID for my grandma's 80th birthday party. We had a great time & I as able to see all my cousins and their kids. My uncle & aunt had six kids and my parents just had me.

I wish I had a more creative mind but I am working on it. It is sooooo hard for me to come up with original stuff. I can take some from here & some from there but if the colors don't match I find it hard to substutite. As I said...I am working on it.

Check Out the Blog Candy

Kristin is offering some great blog candy to celebrate her 15,000 hits!!!

Gayle is also offering up some blog candy, just because. She will ship all over & she is from Scotland!! Y'all know that is one of the places I would love to visit.

I have been working away on a word album from BoBunny for my grandma. I am almost done & hope to have pics posted in a day or so. The hubby was sick all weekend & still is today but when I went home for lunch he did say he was starting to feel better. I don't think I will get much done tonight since Nic needs (very badly) a haircut & new basketball shoes. When will this growing stop? New shoes for every sport, every year. I thought babies were expensive...well I can tell you teens are way way more.

Blog Candy Alert

Natalie is offering this great blog candy to celebrate her first Blogoversary. Click on the picture to visit her website.

Also visit Martine's blog to help her celebrate having reached the 10,000 hit mark.

Last, but not least pop on over to Jacquie's blog for her candy offer. It end tonight but you will need to go to her 10/8 post.

Halloween Bellas & Thanks Mel!!!

I worked on these cute Bellas over the weekend. What do you think? I fund the super cute candy cardstock at my LSS. It was sitting on the counter & I had to get it. I showed them to my husband last night. I just don't think he gets it. He said they were nice but no gushing, no awhhh how cute. I guess I will have to get that from you. I was able to swap some of my bellas with a great bella sistah for these.

I also want to thank my Bella Sistah Mel for the great package I received on Saturday. It was overflowing with great items. I love goodies!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tagged by my Sistah Mel

I've been tagged with a twist! This one is easier. Here's how it works...1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. 2. Answer the five sets of five (these are easy) 3. Tag 5 people in the last section by leaving their names as well as links to their blog. 4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are the 5 sets of five...

Things you love...
1. CHOCOLATE...milk or white chocolate!
2. My family
3. Harry Potter
4. Leaves changing colors
5. animals & books

Things you don't love...
1. being board
2. Cleaning!!
3. my son not listening
4. the alarm clock
5. having to always what to make for dinner

Songs on your iPod/Playlist
1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Staduim Arcadium
2. Tesla - Mechanical Resonance
3. Nickleback
4. Celtic Women
5. Trans Siberian Orchestra

Favorite Foods/Drinks
1. Skinny Vanilla Latte - Grande
2. Chicken - healty versions
3. Wasa crackers w/skinny cow cheese
4. Fresh warm brownies or cookies
5. Tiramisu

People you are tagging...
1. Jacqueline
2. Lindsay
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???

I Want Candy......I Want Candy

Remember that song from the 80's by Bow Wow Wow (had to look up the group)? Well visit Lim's blog for some great candy. Tons of images are being offered.

Blog Candy for Today

Check out Gill's site. It ends on Oct 9th & that is also her birthday.

Marlene is also celebrating her birthday & the amounts of hits on her blog. She is drawing Oct. 8th.

Renata is also offering some blog candy that ends on the 8th.

Check all of these talented ladies out.

Nic - 9th Grade Kalles Junior High

What a handsome dude!!! Don't you just love the freckles? He gets that from my side of the family. I was a strawberry blonde as a kid but it turned brown & now it is foiled several times a year. Nic has great red in his hair that darkens in the winter & lightens up in the summer. I remembered to force him to get his hair cut before pictures. Last year he was looking pretty he is now. I will win the battle, I hope.

Jay Jay's Sampavie

Jay Jay has two great choices for blog candy. She is pulling two winners on Oct. 11th. Check it out...they are really sweet.

Embellishment Challenge Bella

I made this Bella for my MIL's birthday. Happy Birthday Phyllis!!! I also wanted to include it in the embellishment challenge but I forgot to add ribbon. Oh least I am creating and having a great time. I just love the colors & I really love sharing this with all of you. Thanks for the inspiration & friendship y'all have given me!!!

More Deck Pictures

Well I have to say that I have the most talented husband ever. The deck is almost finished, he just needs to build the outdoor kitchen & stair railing on the other side, and Steve has done a super great job. His attention (total, almost annoying) to detail has made this a great outdoor living space. We had very nice weather over the weekend so Steve finished the stair railing on the outside (not as easy as it looks) and completed small stuff. After running Nic & his friend Austin all over on Saturday, I was able to burn all the wood scraps, sweep up the sawdust & dirt from the patio just clean up the backyard. We still have boards & beams that need to be moved or covered before the rain starts but we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Steve - you Rock!!!
I forgot to tell you Nic scored the only touchdown for his team on Friday. They lost 6 to 12 but he carried that ball over the line. It was a team effort, but being his mom, I will give him the credit!!!

Cute Blog Candy

You must check out the blog candy offered by Beth. It is super cute. It closes midnight on Sunday, Oct. 5th!!

Also look at Hans Crafty Creations, her candy ends today.

Blog Candy - Drawn Oct 12th

Jeanette has posted some great blog candy. Super cute stamps!!! Check it out and congratulate her for having over 10,000 hits!!!

Wiff of Joy Blog Candy

Donalda is offering a very cute WOJ stamp. I just love the stamp. Perfect for the holidays. Check it out & enter!! You have until Oct. 17th.

Super Cute Blog Candy

Y'all have to check out the blog candy offered by Michelle O. The stamps are just too cute. The card she created looks a little like Eeyore.

**My Bella Sistah Rocks Again**

Well after dinner yesterday our doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy walking away & I looked down & saw a package. It was addressed to me but the sender was Stampin! UP. Confused I opened the package. Well it was a punch I had mentioned to my super duper great Bella sis Mel. Upon finding out she was a consultant I had told her I would really like this punch. Well she ordered it for me. I am so excited. I will now be able to make some great cards that you can add a gift card inside of. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweetie!!!

Bella for Alzheimer's

Cammie has posted a great opportunity for a great cause. I have made this Bella card for the great staff that help support the patients and their families. The blog candy she has is out of this world. What a great chance. You will see items donated by High Hopes Stamps, Scor-Pal and JustRite Stampers just to name a few. Some very talented people like Cambria Turnbow, Denise Marzee and Jessica Roan have also donated. Check it out & join in.

Mel also Tagged Me!!

My Bella sistah Mel tagged me too. She did say sorry, but she wanted more info on me. I am not sure who else to tag. Some of the people I tagged don't have a clue who I am but I have admired their work and have left comments. I am more than happy to give her more info though. So just for you go:

1) I went to college for a year. Met a guy while in college & we moved in together during that summer. Long story short we lived together for a few months but I left him & moved to WA. I called my bff Michelle around midnight one night (she was in WA) and was on a plane by noon the next day. Never looked back!!!

2) I met my husband three months after I move to WA. He was my blind skiing date. We have been together ever since. We were married young (19 & 20).

3) We had planned on having two kids but it took me two year to get pregnant and during my ultrasound I was told my baby might have trisomy 21 and if he did, would most likely die inutero but if born would be so mentally retarted & deformed, he would die within the first year. Well we had an amnio done & needless to say Nic is perfect, happy & very healthy (see pictures from previous posts). Our good friends also lost their oldest son Brian, when Nic was 11 months old. Brian was only 3 1/2 and for all intense purposes was my first child too. With all of that trama, I in my strange way didn't want to have another child again & that is why Nic is my only!! You just can't improve on perfection!!

4) I love to to camping but as I get older, it isn't as comfortable sleeping on an air mattress as it once was. I do like sitting around the campfire. I love the campfire!!! It is so relaxing.

5) My cb nickname (given to me by Michelle) as a kid was lightening legs. I was a tall stick when I was younger. Her nickname was short shit, because she was & still is short. We had a party when she finally reached 5'!!!

6) I was born in Boise, Idaho; was moved to Missouri City, Texas (suburb or Houston) against my will by my parents the summer before 8th grade but ended up having a great time; lived 1 1/2 years in Logan, Utah and have lived in Washington state since then (Tacoma, Federal Way, Kent & Puyallup).

7) I have great parents who live in Salt Lake City, UT.

8) I Love the Bellas!!!!!

I've Been Tagged - WOW

I am flattered!!! Debby just tagged me and I have never been tagged before. This is cool.

Here are the rules: 1) Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. 2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 4) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1) I am an only child. My best friend Michelle is my sister though.
2) I have been happily married to my guy Steve for almost 20 (this Feb) years!!!!
3) I just turned 40 in July and really don't feel like I thought a 40 year old should feel.
4) We have one super great son, Nic, who is in the 9th grade. He is quite tall (takes after my side of the family), a good student (is in all honors classes). What can a proud mom say!!!
5) I am an avid...avid reader. I love romance (all) & spy/intrege books. I also love Harry Potter.
6) I love to do crafts. I have really gotten into cards with the bellas group & am having so much fun. My crafting movie is all Harry Potter's, The Bourne series and Casino Royal.
7) I used to carefully open my Christmas presents to find out what they were & then very carefully retape them up. Bad Mae!!!

Whom do I tag.....

Melanie she introduced me to Bellas

Thanks again!!! This has been fun.

I Won & My Bellas

I was so shocked that I won this blog candy. Hilmarose picked me & look at the goodies I got. The last time I ever won anything was in high school & I was the correct number caller into the radio station & won a record. WOW is all I can say & thanks Hilmarose!!!

My first Bella order came yesterday!!! I am super stoked & am ready to create some great stuff. I love to get goodies. I am in the middle of altering a box to hold the cards I make & receive and I have a special gift to make for my bella sistah (heee heee) to get done first then I can create some bella cards for y'all to see. Y'all have been great & I appreciate the encouraging comments!!!

Can't Get Enough of the Candy!!!

Y'all have to check out the super kool blog candy at All The Things I Love. Very nice stuff!!

Blog Candy Alert

Angelique is celebrating her birthday & giving us a chance to win some great candy!!! What a super birthday girl she is.

Close To My Heart National Stamping Month

I am inviting everyone to enter to win FREE Close To My Heart Products!!! Clink on the above link and you will be taken to the entry page. The grand prize is for $1000 in products. What great stuff they have!!! I just love it. You can use my name...Mae Wisor as the consultant who referred you. Good Luck!!!

My first Bella

This was my first bella creation. I sent this off to my bella sistah Mel & I am hoping she will get her mail before she looks at my blog. She is off visiting New York & didn't want to post this any earlier. I found a great idea on a blog to make an image holder. It has nice accordian sides and a little velcro closure. I added CTMH liquid glass on her dress and the blue of the suitcase. I also added a few bellas images I am hoping she didn't have.

I CAN SEE!! & Blog Candy Alert

My right contact came in late yesterday & I was able to grab it after work. It sure made driving easier!!! What would I do without contacts?!!!

Irina has posted a great blog candy offer. Check out her website. Some very nice cards posted!!!

Half Blind for a few days...

As I was getting ready for work yesterday & doing my hair, my bangs were poking me in the eyes. Both contacts decided to revolt at the same time. I took out the left & washed it off then put it back in. Did the same for the right one. I started to dry my hair & noticed thing were quite blurry. Some time in that first few seconds the right lens fell out & it is nowhere to be found. I searched & searched, tried again at lunch & Steve even looked after work. It is lost in some contact hole in our bathroom. I have such a strong prescription that it has to be ordered, made and mailed to the eye doc. Thank goodness I don't have to drive very far. Just to work & back (less than a mile round trip) and to Nic's school & back (about a mile or so each way). I am hoping to get the new lens tomorrow or Thursday & will be glad to see with both eyes again.

I was told my the eye doc last visit that lasik is probably not an option with my high prescription plus there even if I could have it there is no way I would wear just my coke bottle glasses for six weeks to determine if I could have the surgery or not. I am just too vain & proud of it!!! These are thick glasses & I remember all the teasing I received from the first grade on until I was able to wear contacts in 8th grade. Some scars never go away. You would think at my age I shouldn't care but that is not so. We are talking seriously thick glasses people.

Suzanne's Blog Candy

Suzanne posted some very nice Wiff of Joy blog candy. Check it out!!!

My 1st Bella Posting

Ok....I am very nervous. What do y'all think? I would like honest answers please and any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated (I won't be crushed completely, lol). I altered a composition notebook. I had seen this on the Close To My Heart billboard and created some for my open house this coming Saturday but I wanted one special for me!!! This is my second bella created, the first I am saving until my bella sistah receives it before I post it. I am having a hard time finding the right color for bellas skin. This bella has spent the summer in the sun & has a great tan.

I used CTMH papers, ribbon & the new alphabet ready for coloring or inking. I love them. The markers are from various makers.

Blog Candy Alert

Kristin has some great blog candy on her site. She is picking on Sept 15th so check it out!!!

Deck Progress

We are getting closer to the end....Steve is doing an excellent job. Notice the detail of the handrail. We both just love how this looks. My husband does great work!!! Don't look at the backyard of dirt. It will have grass next spring. We thought we could do grass this summer but it didn't work out that way.

Loreen's Blog Candy

I want to invite all of you to check out Loreen blog. She has some great blog candy.
Wish Love
More Blog Candy!!!
Jacqui over at Javablustamper is hosting a Blog Candy giveaway as well. Stop by and check it out! .


I have recently joinded a great group of very talented people that love bella stamps. The creations people make are just mwah!!!! It is a yahoo group. Check it out.

I would like to thank cheribella for the wonderful bella images she sent me. I received them yesterday in the mail and can't wait to get started. What a great lady. Thanks Cheri!!!! I promise to post a finished bella card soon!!! Wish me luck.

9th Grade....WOW!!!
Nic's first day of school was yesterday. It is hard to believe he is now in 9th grade and this is his last year at Kalles Junior High. Next year he will be in high school. Can you believe how tall he is???
Well he is running to cath the bus. He heard it coming up the road as he
opened the garage door. What a way to get your heart pumping. He was probably blaming me since I had to get the first picture then he forgot his shirt for football practice. GO KALLES TYEES!!!

A little bird told me that Hilmarose is giving away some great blog candy. Check this link out to enter..... I am learning & not quite sure how to post a link in a shorter version like I have seen others do.
1st Place Team 7-19-08

Billings Electric took first place in the league and now have two weeks off to prepare for the tournament. The top two teams from Puyallup will play against the top two teams from Auburn & Kent. Last year we were the 2nd place team and we took 3rd place in the tournament. Wish us luck for this year.