Mae’s Crafty Creations
Happy Birthday Brian. Today you would have been 16. Learning to drive, enjoying high school, playing sports, dating, being the best big brother, camping, hiking and casuing you parents grief.

You are missed by many and loved by many more. The question of why is still not answered for me and may never be. I still see you waving goodby to me that day and I also have the memory of you in the hospital. I try to keep the first memory in the front of my mind more.

Even though you didn't come from me you were my first little guy. My first opportunity to be an aunt. I am so grateful Bill & Tamie shared you with us. We loved you before you were born and love you now. You are forever in our hearts.

Love your Aunt Mae & Uncle Steve

Brian Eugene Hinman
Born March 3, 1991- Died November 23, 1994