Mae’s Crafty Creations
Our New Deck in Progress

Wow...after a year we are starting on the back deck. I refer to the collective we, mainly Steve & I am the support staff. He is the designer & builder & I am the assistant & buyer of goods.

Our deck will end up being over 350 square feet of totally enjoyable space. We are going to add an outdoor kitchen with a nice grill, side burner & counter top. A new set of table, chairs, umbrella & lounge chairs.

This is two of the five walls that Steve built!!

We had to rent a lifter since the one beam was quite large & heavy. John & Hong helped Steve all day & Nic lifted or lowered until time for baseball practice.

Floor joists almost all in place. The trees are filling up out our backyard & it is so relaxing to listen to the birds.

Here we are as of Monday, Memorial Day. Steve is installing the Y braces from the post to the beam. I have been painting all the brackets, bolts & nails black. The painted black look is tons better compared to the silver galvanized look. It just looks more polished.

We just have the Y braces to finish & put up the stair treads before it is time to call the City of Puyallup back out for our framing inspection. Then onto the deck boards, posts, railings, kitchen & such. When the deck is all done we will be hyrdoseeding, graveling under the deck & adding plants. I am trying to remember, but I think the backyard has been almost three years with out grass. Zoom will really like having grass to sit on instead of sand.