Mae’s Crafty Creations
The day before Thanksgiving & my mind keeps wondering what I might be missing for dinner tomorrow. I have two things on my list but the big question is can I remember all that I am missing.

It won't be too bad since it is just the three of us. I also have tickets to the new Harry Potter film at the IMAX theater in Seattle. We have never been there, so it should be fun.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving & stays safe in their travels.
Now I can say it is hard to believe it is November. I need to try to keep in touch more. Things happen so fast, it would be nice to write some things down.

Football is over. We lost in the championship game to Puyallup Roughriders but the kids had a fun season. Nic really liked playing and going to all the practices. He is interested in playing for the Wolfpack again next year if Coach Craig in the head coach. We now have a few weeks until basketball practice starts. Nice to be able to work out after work and not have to run off anywhere.

I have signed up for a beginners French class with the parks & rec dept. It starts this Thursday and runs through the 5th of January. It should be fun. Lets hope I learn to pronounce words correctly.

Harry Potter is out this Friday & I would like to see the movie this weekend. It will probably be crazy but you have to try. I reread the book to make sure I remembered everything from the first time. Steve isn't interested in fighting the crowds so we will just have to see it again with him. Nic & I don't mind too much. Too bad I work on Friday or we could see the one that come out at midnight.