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Done with Elementary.........

It was hard on me while driving to work Nic's last day of school. It wasn't just because he was done with another year of was because he is finished with elementary and on to junior high. My baby is growing up an moving on. Granted he is only 12 and has several years to go but it just hit me and I started to cry. I am a crier by nature so I should not have been suprised but I was. I emailed my mom to see did she remember if she was such a woos but all she said it I was a very good mom who deeply cared about her son. We want them to have independence and grow up but we still want those moments where we are their everything.

So here is Nic on his last day of school at Shaw Road Elementary. He has completed grades K-6 and we have 7-12 to go. Wish us all luck and mail me tissues at those milestones. We are on to Kalles Junior High where he will do great, have tons of fun, meet new kids, be a leader to his peers, enjoy honors math/english/science and play the sax.

I will make it!!!!