Mae’s Crafty Creations

Wow!!!!!!!! She can do something!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well over the weekend I painted our family room a nice color called "Devine Shore". It is the wall color we have on our walls at work and I just love how comfortable it makes me feel. It is great. I am showing a before of a part of the kitchen so you can see the wallpaper I am removing. It is all over the kitchen area & I will be painting taht the same color as the family room soon. Steve will be finishing the baseboards & will be working on framing out the fireplace mantle. It is nice to be working inside long as I just do small bits. The amount of painitng I did last time just put me off the whole concept for so long. Baby steps here is my motto.
This one is for Farah!!!

I seem to post more about Nic & Steve than myself. Why??? I guess I don't think I am all that exciting...but I will change that now.

I have been working on two scrapbook projects for Christmas. I completed the second one this past weekend. It is great to have them done and will enable me to work on our stuff now. It was a fun to make things for others and get the juices flowing again. I had not scrapbooked in several years and thanks to Beth starting the ball rolling....I am back at it.

I am taking a blueprint reading class at Pierce College. It is interesting and is helping me understand things more at work. Having never worked with blueprints before this helps. Not that I work with them much at work but at least I can understand what others are talking about. This class will be done November 30th so just four more classes left. Then I get ready for Christmas.

My next project is to start painting the kitchen & family room. Since they run is necessary to do both. The kitchen has this tacky wallpaper on it from the previous owner and I have been ripping it off as it starts to become unglued. I am hoping I don't have to texture the areas that have become flat from the wallpaper. I really don't like painting that much but this really needs to be done. It has been over six years in the waiting and can't wait anymore!!! This postive thinking is helping me....really.

Only two more months left in 2006. The days seem to fly by and I just keep getting older. The other day I realized Michelle & I have know each other for 30 years. Being we are 38 that is a long time!!! For those that don't know her she is my best friend (not counting Steve) and I love her to death. It sucks she lives in southern Utah and I am up here in the Pacific NW but she tried it here & the weather just got to her.

Nic's football team finished 4-1. They only lost to Balou Junior High and I believe by only one touchdown. He is now going to try wrestling. It should be interesting. This will be new for him and us. My son, the athlete.

Off to "Do the Puyallup"

Sept. 13th was fair day in the Puyallup school district. The kids got out at 11:10am and since Kalles is so close to the fairgrounds, they were allowed to walk over. I met them at Jack in the Box to grab backpacks.

They had a blast, were able to stay until 9pm and mind you they were all by themselves. No adults hanging in the wings. Bold move on our part but don't they just look like a bunch of kool dudes????
You see from the left....Justin, Cole, Jamie, Nic, Dalton & Arnold.

Off to 7th Grade at Kalles Junior High!!!

Nic started school on September 6th. He is now in Junior High and having a blast. I made sure no other kids saw me taking his picture. I didn't want to embaress him too bad.

He is enjoying his time there and having fun playing football. Life is good at this point!!!

Family Campout!!!!

Over the Labor Day weekend we went up to Silver Springs campground to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Nic and I had to drive up the night before & set up Steve's backpacking tent since I didn't have a spot resreved & even on Thursday night they were pretty packed. So there we were at 9:30pm in the pitch black putting up a tent. Steve was at the Seahawks/Raiders preseason game (convient).

Well we got there Friday afternoon & had to set up camp. The spot was a little smaller than I thought, but it was pitch black and we only had one flashlight. We made it work though. Steve was board the next day....he is not a sit around the fire and enjoy type but I told him to tough it out because I am. This was a family chill time and we are there to enjoy the smells of the forest. Zoom and Steve went on a small hike across the river and we enjoyed a drive up a forrest service road.

I just love that area. The trees are amazing!!!

Here is Steve with his HUGE fish. He, Hong & John are now exploring backpacking and fly fishing. They are having fun & enjoying their trips around the area.
So sorry to all that read my blog. I am not the best on updating my blog but I expect all of you to do yours daily. Not very fair of me. We have been enjoying the summer and prepping for school. Nic & I spent a week in Idaho with my parents in their RV. I can tell you I am not an RV park type of person. I want the trees and privacy. Not concrete and people.

Nic is starting football practice for 7th grade today. Where has the time gone??? I think my last post was his last day of 6th grade. I need to get pictures posted for the backyard, vacation & just stuff.

You will be proud I am scrapbooking again. That is where I have been spending most of my time. That is my excuse for not posting & I am going to stick with it. I am working on some Christmas presents & don't want to have to rush it. I sure hope they are liked & enjoyed. That is all I can say on that.
The backyard is almost done....

We are on the finishing end of the backyard. It has been a long time coming but I will be nice when it is done. Steve has been a real trooper & the only worker on the project. Even though we have had "issues" during this process, I know the end result will make him proud. I will post pictures before Nic & I take off for vacation. I will try to get some early before ones and pictures as of this week. Lots of changes & tons of $$$$.

Done with Elementary.........

It was hard on me while driving to work Nic's last day of school. It wasn't just because he was done with another year of was because he is finished with elementary and on to junior high. My baby is growing up an moving on. Granted he is only 12 and has several years to go but it just hit me and I started to cry. I am a crier by nature so I should not have been suprised but I was. I emailed my mom to see did she remember if she was such a woos but all she said it I was a very good mom who deeply cared about her son. We want them to have independence and grow up but we still want those moments where we are their everything.

So here is Nic on his last day of school at Shaw Road Elementary. He has completed grades K-6 and we have 7-12 to go. Wish us all luck and mail me tissues at those milestones. We are on to Kalles Junior High where he will do great, have tons of fun, meet new kids, be a leader to his peers, enjoy honors math/english/science and play the sax.

I will make it!!!!

Disneyland was fun & it was good to see Chelle & her family. Those kids are growing up so fast and are just the cutest thing. At times I miss not having a little one around. Nis only 12 but we have moved past that stage. We are now into (almost) Junior High, sports, homework & the testing of boundries. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Nic will be off to 6th grade camp May 3rd to the 5th. It sounds like loads of fun. It reminds me of Girl Scout camp I attended for a few summers. Horseback riding, camping, crafts, friends, archery, earning badges & cooking an egg in a orange shell over a fire. The last item was not good. Michelle & I hated the taste & ran off looking for water. Those were the days.
Baseball is in full swing. Practice, games & tournaments fill our schedule these days. I am still taking one class that is only one day a week. That is enough for me. Bring on the sun and the shorts tan. I am ready!!!
Happy Birthday Brian. Today you would have been 16. Learning to drive, enjoying high school, playing sports, dating, being the best big brother, camping, hiking and casuing you parents grief.

You are missed by many and loved by many more. The question of why is still not answered for me and may never be. I still see you waving goodby to me that day and I also have the memory of you in the hospital. I try to keep the first memory in the front of my mind more.

Even though you didn't come from me you were my first little guy. My first opportunity to be an aunt. I am so grateful Bill & Tamie shared you with us. We loved you before you were born and love you now. You are forever in our hearts.

Love your Aunt Mae & Uncle Steve

Brian Eugene Hinman
Born March 3, 1991- Died November 23, 1994
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Did you see the moon last night? I was perfect....large, round & glowing. I was walking out of Costco toward the car and it was right in front of me. Very impressive and filled me with a sence of wonder. I had to say a small prayer of thanks for the wonders of this world and the pleasure I get from them. I am not a preson who regurally goes to chruch but I am still spiritual. I believe in God and strive to be the type of person he wants me to be.

We are postponing our trip to Disneyland for a few weeks. Chelle has to have another surgery and she needs time to heal. The poor girl is in serious pain and she needs to feel better. No more bleeding into the stomach or systs forming. Just normal days where she can work, go to school, play with her kids and enjoy life. She is my sister and it is hard being away when she needs help. Oh to be rich enough to be there for her and not worry about missing work. Or even to live close enough so that dosen't matter. We have been friends for over twenty nine years. What a blessing she has been in my life.

Nic is a little bummed but optimistic that when we do go he will be missing school. It is already starting and he is only in 6th grade. He does like school and does very well but is a typical kid. He is also my baby and I love him.

Steve and I will have been married 17 years this Saturday. At first Nic & I were going to be gone but now we can enjoy our Anniversary together. I am thankful every day for him and love him with all my heart. He is my one and only! Love you baby...!!!!!
I am reminded daily how fast each day pases. We are always thinking toward tomorrow and not enjoying now, today. On Sunday I was waiting for Monday night to watch 24. Right now I am thinking about the trip Nic & I will be taking in February to Disneyland. Granted I am excited to see Chelle & her family but I should enjoy each and every day for what it is and what it has to offer. I am going to try to "stop & smell the roses" as they say.

Things are good here. Nic is enjoying basketball & school. He had (along with others) a test yesterday to see if he qualifies for honors math in junior high along with a normal math test. He also received back his biography report and poster and was excited about his grade. We are so grateful he really enjoys school. He is learning more and will be beyond my help with math shortly. Time to call in Aunt Chelle. Thank goodness the cell phone has unlimited long distance.

Steve is ready for his Legacy Mill so we shall see when we actually buy it. It might be time for a quick trip to Utah if the shipping is too much. Mom & Dad will enjoy the visit. As Steve says my Dad really needs the railing to help him up and down the stairs. He dosen't need to be falling off the stairs.