Mae’s Crafty Creations
I am reminded daily how fast each day pases. We are always thinking toward tomorrow and not enjoying now, today. On Sunday I was waiting for Monday night to watch 24. Right now I am thinking about the trip Nic & I will be taking in February to Disneyland. Granted I am excited to see Chelle & her family but I should enjoy each and every day for what it is and what it has to offer. I am going to try to "stop & smell the roses" as they say.

Things are good here. Nic is enjoying basketball & school. He had (along with others) a test yesterday to see if he qualifies for honors math in junior high along with a normal math test. He also received back his biography report and poster and was excited about his grade. We are so grateful he really enjoys school. He is learning more and will be beyond my help with math shortly. Time to call in Aunt Chelle. Thank goodness the cell phone has unlimited long distance.

Steve is ready for his Legacy Mill so we shall see when we actually buy it. It might be time for a quick trip to Utah if the shipping is too much. Mom & Dad will enjoy the visit. As Steve says my Dad really needs the railing to help him up and down the stairs. He dosen't need to be falling off the stairs.