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Off to "Do the Puyallup"

Sept. 13th was fair day in the Puyallup school district. The kids got out at 11:10am and since Kalles is so close to the fairgrounds, they were allowed to walk over. I met them at Jack in the Box to grab backpacks.

They had a blast, were able to stay until 9pm and mind you they were all by themselves. No adults hanging in the wings. Bold move on our part but don't they just look like a bunch of kool dudes????
You see from the left....Justin, Cole, Jamie, Nic, Dalton & Arnold.

Off to 7th Grade at Kalles Junior High!!!

Nic started school on September 6th. He is now in Junior High and having a blast. I made sure no other kids saw me taking his picture. I didn't want to embaress him too bad.

He is enjoying his time there and having fun playing football. Life is good at this point!!!

Family Campout!!!!

Over the Labor Day weekend we went up to Silver Springs campground to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Nic and I had to drive up the night before & set up Steve's backpacking tent since I didn't have a spot resreved & even on Thursday night they were pretty packed. So there we were at 9:30pm in the pitch black putting up a tent. Steve was at the Seahawks/Raiders preseason game (convient).

Well we got there Friday afternoon & had to set up camp. The spot was a little smaller than I thought, but it was pitch black and we only had one flashlight. We made it work though. Steve was board the next day....he is not a sit around the fire and enjoy type but I told him to tough it out because I am. This was a family chill time and we are there to enjoy the smells of the forest. Zoom and Steve went on a small hike across the river and we enjoyed a drive up a forrest service road.

I just love that area. The trees are amazing!!!

Here is Steve with his HUGE fish. He, Hong & John are now exploring backpacking and fly fishing. They are having fun & enjoying their trips around the area.