Mae’s Crafty Creations
Hard to believe we are already into October. Next thing you know it will be Christmas time. Our typical Seattle weather has started to roll back in but not as bad as some think. Yes we get gray skies & rain, but people would be suprised to see how many days have sun. Over the last several years this area has started to change its weather pattern. Now that I have put that into print we will get tons of rain & more snow than predicted.

Now if we received snow that would be something special. Where I live in the greater Seattle area, I am south of all the fun white stuff. Normally the east side & north end get snow & the south end is left just getting wet. Maybe this year thing will reverse themselves and we will get snow. I don't need tons, just a nice storm once a year. Something between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nic would really enjoy a few snow days, but he dosen't realize that will keep him in school more of the summer.