Mae’s Crafty Creations

Disneyland was fun & it was good to see Chelle & her family. Those kids are growing up so fast and are just the cutest thing. At times I miss not having a little one around. Nis only 12 but we have moved past that stage. We are now into (almost) Junior High, sports, homework & the testing of boundries. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Nic will be off to 6th grade camp May 3rd to the 5th. It sounds like loads of fun. It reminds me of Girl Scout camp I attended for a few summers. Horseback riding, camping, crafts, friends, archery, earning badges & cooking an egg in a orange shell over a fire. The last item was not good. Michelle & I hated the taste & ran off looking for water. Those were the days.
Baseball is in full swing. Practice, games & tournaments fill our schedule these days. I am still taking one class that is only one day a week. That is enough for me. Bring on the sun and the shorts tan. I am ready!!!