Mae’s Crafty Creations

Wow!!!!!!!! She can do something!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well over the weekend I painted our family room a nice color called "Devine Shore". It is the wall color we have on our walls at work and I just love how comfortable it makes me feel. It is great. I am showing a before of a part of the kitchen so you can see the wallpaper I am removing. It is all over the kitchen area & I will be painting taht the same color as the family room soon. Steve will be finishing the baseboards & will be working on framing out the fireplace mantle. It is nice to be working inside long as I just do small bits. The amount of painitng I did last time just put me off the whole concept for so long. Baby steps here is my motto.
This one is for Farah!!!

I seem to post more about Nic & Steve than myself. Why??? I guess I don't think I am all that exciting...but I will change that now.

I have been working on two scrapbook projects for Christmas. I completed the second one this past weekend. It is great to have them done and will enable me to work on our stuff now. It was a fun to make things for others and get the juices flowing again. I had not scrapbooked in several years and thanks to Beth starting the ball rolling....I am back at it.

I am taking a blueprint reading class at Pierce College. It is interesting and is helping me understand things more at work. Having never worked with blueprints before this helps. Not that I work with them much at work but at least I can understand what others are talking about. This class will be done November 30th so just four more classes left. Then I get ready for Christmas.

My next project is to start painting the kitchen & family room. Since they run is necessary to do both. The kitchen has this tacky wallpaper on it from the previous owner and I have been ripping it off as it starts to become unglued. I am hoping I don't have to texture the areas that have become flat from the wallpaper. I really don't like painting that much but this really needs to be done. It has been over six years in the waiting and can't wait anymore!!! This postive thinking is helping me....really.

Only two more months left in 2006. The days seem to fly by and I just keep getting older. The other day I realized Michelle & I have know each other for 30 years. Being we are 38 that is a long time!!! For those that don't know her she is my best friend (not counting Steve) and I love her to death. It sucks she lives in southern Utah and I am up here in the Pacific NW but she tried it here & the weather just got to her.

Nic's football team finished 4-1. They only lost to Balou Junior High and I believe by only one touchdown. He is now going to try wrestling. It should be interesting. This will be new for him and us. My son, the athlete.