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Look at my sweet little (HaHa) Guy!!!

I wanted to post a current picture of Nic so y'all can see him at his current 14 year old self. I am posting this for Chelle so she is able to see how tall he is. I can tell you I just hate they way I look in the picture, so don't look!!! What a cheesy large grin. Bring it down a notch!!!! I am 5'7 1/2" so Nic is at least 6' if not more. He just made his 8th grade basketball team (this year they had cuts) and we have since trimmed his long hair so he will be able to see the basketball. He likes it long but it was starting to curl in strange directions. Thanks coach!!
I was just reading Farah's blog about cleaning our their garage. I can relate to giving away those sweet little baby clothes & toys. It is hard on a mom to have to realize her kids are getting bigger, just wait until you have this happen to you!!!! I don't know when I will be used to looking up into my son's eyes, having to go on tip toe to give him a kiss on the cheek or a hug. He helps by picking me up. Wait until you get to that point. It is great to see them grow, but you will always wish for a moment when they were that little one in your arms again.