Mae’s Crafty Creations

My First Magnolia

Well I am showing off my first Magnolia....Giggling Tilda. I received this in the mail on Saturday (it was on backorder) and she is just the cutest. I have made this card for my mom's birthday. I sure hope she likes it.


Mrs Adept said...

Great card for your first magnolia.

I just put in my first magnolia order this morning. Now I have to wait for them to arrive. I can't wait. I've been coveting them for over a year - and now I'm finally going to get some. Yay~!!

Candy said...

Hi Mae,
Your mom will LOVE it. It is just too cute!! Lovingly made as well.

Meli Mitchell said...

She is TOO Cute!

Danni said...

Oh she is one of my fav Tilda's and I still don't have her.
You did such a good job!! So cute!!