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Family Campout!!!!

Over the Labor Day weekend we went up to Silver Springs campground to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Nic and I had to drive up the night before & set up Steve's backpacking tent since I didn't have a spot resreved & even on Thursday night they were pretty packed. So there we were at 9:30pm in the pitch black putting up a tent. Steve was at the Seahawks/Raiders preseason game (convient).

Well we got there Friday afternoon & had to set up camp. The spot was a little smaller than I thought, but it was pitch black and we only had one flashlight. We made it work though. Steve was board the next day....he is not a sit around the fire and enjoy type but I told him to tough it out because I am. This was a family chill time and we are there to enjoy the smells of the forest. Zoom and Steve went on a small hike across the river and we enjoyed a drive up a forrest service road.

I just love that area. The trees are amazing!!!