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Off to "Do the Puyallup"

Sept. 13th was fair day in the Puyallup school district. The kids got out at 11:10am and since Kalles is so close to the fairgrounds, they were allowed to walk over. I met them at Jack in the Box to grab backpacks.

They had a blast, were able to stay until 9pm and mind you they were all by themselves. No adults hanging in the wings. Bold move on our part but don't they just look like a bunch of kool dudes????
You see from the left....Justin, Cole, Jamie, Nic, Dalton & Arnold.


Farah said...

Man, you are on a roll posting. Very proud! I must say! Great jog sneaking pics there Mom!

Beth Webb said...

Great job posting...what did you say about my blog being messed up?!? I thought it was okay. Let me know. Talk to you soon.

Farah said...

Would love to see more or hear more...I guess read more of you on here. I like the forwards you send me on email but more Mae's life would be good too.