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The Adventure Has Began............................

We have begun our home improvement process. We decided to go for all of it now & enjoy it for the years we would be in the house instead of fixing it up right before we sell.

Our siding replacement starts today. We have LP siding on the house & since LP was involved in a huge lawsuit it can hurt your resale value to have to disclose it. The weathered side of the house is also showing signs of the problems so all new lap siding will be covering the entire house. Then it will be painted a nice green color with white trim & we are even adding cedar accent shingles on the front of the house. The deck is also pulled off & will be replaced with a bigger & better one.

Steve has been moving, hiding & adding gas pipe for a new free standing gas stove that will be in the bottom floor. That large room will become our media room at some time in the future & the stove will keep us warm in the event we are without power for any amount of time again. I also love to sit by the fire & this will help to heat the house since as we all know heat rises.

The kitchen cabinets were ordered today & it should be about five weeks for them. In the mean time we will be replacing the can lights & removing wallpaper, texturing & painting. When the cabinets are in we will have granite countertops & tile backsplashes. New stainless steel applicances will compliment the cabinets.

Carpet will be replaced & rooms will be painted during this process. We are even shifting rooms so that Nic will have the large bonus room upstairs for his bedroom. It is our TV room now & with moving that to the bottom floor & making a nice media room, he was open for a bigger bedroom. It dosen't have a closet but he dosen't care. We can just get a larger dresser for him & hang any clothes in the guest room closet.

We will also be putting sod down in the spring so the backyard will be almost finished. That will be great to get done.

Is anyone overwhelmed????? We are just taking it one step at a time & making sure we have fun in the process.


Farah said...

That sounds like more than ONE step at a time, but it will be fun! (especially when its done)