Mae’s Crafty Creations

Love the Snow!!!

These pictures are from Jan 10th looking at the parking lot out back at my work. We received three or four inches and it stayed around for awhile. It was cold & icy enough that the kids missed over 5 days of school. We are not used to snow in this part of the country so kids stay home. They have to make up those days so they will have some longer days in February, a missed scheduled day off and a few days tacked onto the end of the year. I sure hope we start earlier this next year so the kids are not almost going into July.

We are working on the stair railing at the house. We have not had a railing for several years and now it is going up. Once it is all done we will have the railing/stairs & floor all redone with a nice stain color. We are embarking on a large home improvement project all at once so we can enjoy it all for several years before we even decide to move. As I have stated we are not moving until Nic graduates (he is in 7th grade) or even later. We really want land in Montana & we need to be at more of a retirement age for that one.