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Half Blind for a few days...

As I was getting ready for work yesterday & doing my hair, my bangs were poking me in the eyes. Both contacts decided to revolt at the same time. I took out the left & washed it off then put it back in. Did the same for the right one. I started to dry my hair & noticed thing were quite blurry. Some time in that first few seconds the right lens fell out & it is nowhere to be found. I searched & searched, tried again at lunch & Steve even looked after work. It is lost in some contact hole in our bathroom. I have such a strong prescription that it has to be ordered, made and mailed to the eye doc. Thank goodness I don't have to drive very far. Just to work & back (less than a mile round trip) and to Nic's school & back (about a mile or so each way). I am hoping to get the new lens tomorrow or Thursday & will be glad to see with both eyes again.

I was told my the eye doc last visit that lasik is probably not an option with my high prescription plus there even if I could have it there is no way I would wear just my coke bottle glasses for six weeks to determine if I could have the surgery or not. I am just too vain & proud of it!!! These are thick glasses & I remember all the teasing I received from the first grade on until I was able to wear contacts in 8th grade. Some scars never go away. You would think at my age I shouldn't care but that is not so. We are talking seriously thick glasses people.