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Mel also Tagged Me!!

My Bella sistah Mel tagged me too. She did say sorry, but she wanted more info on me. I am not sure who else to tag. Some of the people I tagged don't have a clue who I am but I have admired their work and have left comments. I am more than happy to give her more info though. So just for you go:

1) I went to college for a year. Met a guy while in college & we moved in together during that summer. Long story short we lived together for a few months but I left him & moved to WA. I called my bff Michelle around midnight one night (she was in WA) and was on a plane by noon the next day. Never looked back!!!

2) I met my husband three months after I move to WA. He was my blind skiing date. We have been together ever since. We were married young (19 & 20).

3) We had planned on having two kids but it took me two year to get pregnant and during my ultrasound I was told my baby might have trisomy 21 and if he did, would most likely die inutero but if born would be so mentally retarted & deformed, he would die within the first year. Well we had an amnio done & needless to say Nic is perfect, happy & very healthy (see pictures from previous posts). Our good friends also lost their oldest son Brian, when Nic was 11 months old. Brian was only 3 1/2 and for all intense purposes was my first child too. With all of that trama, I in my strange way didn't want to have another child again & that is why Nic is my only!! You just can't improve on perfection!!

4) I love to to camping but as I get older, it isn't as comfortable sleeping on an air mattress as it once was. I do like sitting around the campfire. I love the campfire!!! It is so relaxing.

5) My cb nickname (given to me by Michelle) as a kid was lightening legs. I was a tall stick when I was younger. Her nickname was short shit, because she was & still is short. We had a party when she finally reached 5'!!!

6) I was born in Boise, Idaho; was moved to Missouri City, Texas (suburb or Houston) against my will by my parents the summer before 8th grade but ended up having a great time; lived 1 1/2 years in Logan, Utah and have lived in Washington state since then (Tacoma, Federal Way, Kent & Puyallup).

7) I have great parents who live in Salt Lake City, UT.

8) I Love the Bellas!!!!!


Debby said...

Mae I am in Bothell where are you?

Debby said...

Oh you're in Puyallup. I feel like I have talked about this before....hmmmm....well. we should get together some time.