Mae’s Crafty Creations

***Happy 20th Anniversary, Sweetie***

Here we are...20 years ago. Mae & Steve Wisor married in Federal Way, WA February 18th, 1989. My best friend Michelle & my cousin Cherlynn were my maid of honor & brides maid and Bill & Rick stood by Steve. I had to scan this picture in at work. I have this one sitting on my desk so it is becoming faded by the light. That reminds me...I need to work on our wedding scrapbook. I think 20 years is about the right time to do it, don't you? Too bad Steve isn't into that long hair anymore. I really liked it, but he has such straight hair he always wore a hat. Now I cut it for him using at #2 and 3 blade cover. Nice and short. His motto is if he can grab any hair, it is time for a cut.

Here we are 20 years later with a 6' 3" 15 year old son that has football workouts tonight, baseball lessons tomorrow & Friday and football workouts & camp on Saturday. We were planning a big Hawaii or Mexico trip for our 20th, but with Nic's schedule, the general economy and such we are going to spend some time in Las Vegas during spring break in April. The plane is book, the resort reserved, the baseball tickets in hand (Seattle Mariners vs. Colorado Rockies in Vegas)...I just need to reserve the kennel for Zoom & get a car set up. I am ready for sun, sun, warm weather, some slots & craps tables and more sun. Nic is excited to go in the rides on top of the Stratosphere. Have you seen those rides??? How can any sane person want to do that? The boy has lost it!!!