Mae’s Crafty Creations

Super Bowl Sunday

After Nic's basketball game in the morning (they lost by 1 point - & I am sure the scorekeeper didn't give us credit for one of Nic's layups) and a rushed trip to the grocery store we headed off to my brother-in-law's to watch the game. Mark (BIL) is a total Steelers fan. Having been born in Pennsylvania & living there for his first 10 years or so...he has always love the Steelers. Now my husband Steve on the other hand also born in Pennsylvania and living there for 8 years is a Raiders fan.

You can see by the room decorations, that Mark is over the top!!! Here is Nic not looking at me & Steve is learning how to work our new phones. We were debating on the Blackberry storm, but really liked how the Samsung Omnia works.
Steve finally smiling for the camera. I get goofy looks most of the time or he out right hides, so the few I get I cherish.
Nic is ready for the 3-D experience.
Mark, Nic & my step father-in-law Eldon. We called them the 3 stooges. Isn't this room too much. Way too much in my book. I was so hoping to be left home to work in my craft room, but was guilted into coming. I did take my laptop & blog hopped during the game. Not all was lost, but I didn't win anything from my superbowl squares. Oh well.