Mae’s Crafty Creations

An Award

My friend Beth has given me an award. It has been awhile since I have received one & I really appreciate her for thinking of me. Here are the rules...
1. I need to tell you 7 things about me/things that I love
2. I need to pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers that I enjoy & let them know about the award

Here are my seven things....
1. My family!!! There are way more than 7 people but my husband & son are #1
2. Reading
3. Crafting
4. Coffee (Dr. Pepper, but I am not doing that anymore)
5. Nature (Hikes, camping, camp fires & listening to all the sounds)
6. my bed
7. Friends

Now to list the seven I am happy to give this award to...
1. Tanjii
2. Danni
3. Lynn
4. Shannon
5. Suzanne
6. Heidi
7. Cheri


Suzanne J Dean said...

You're too sweet Mae--thanks so much for thinking of me!! I really appreciate it & thanks for also putting a blurb up about the blog candy! You Rock!