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****Happy Birthday Chelle****

I am just so excited to wish Michelle a Happy Birthday today.  One reason is just cuz she is just the best friend anyone could have & she is the sister of my heart.  How many people are blessed to still be so close with their friend from their youth?  I am one of those people.   I met Chelle when I was 8 years old.  My family had just moved to a new area of Boise, ID and being an only child my mom suggested I knock on the doors of the houses down my street and see if there were any kids my age.  After meeting one boy about a year older, I knocked on another door and the nice lady said she had two daughters.  One my age and one a year older.  

Here we are.....32 years later and that daughter that was my age is still the best est.  We have endured living in separate states; hours of phone calls; letters;  summers spent together; going to college together; several boyfriends; marriages; kids; sickness and her divorce.  I so wish I could help her through all the illness she is suffering through along with the pain she is enduring.  She knows how much she is loved and that she will be healthy and happy again.  Here is to a new year and all the wonderful things it will bring her and her kids!!!!!

Me & Chelle at Disneyland in 06.  She was in pain but she still smiled.

Adam & Chelle.  She had just been through a second surgery & was able to enjoy Disneyland only due to the wheelchair.  What a blessing that was for her.  The walking would have done her in.

LOVE YA, HUN!!!!