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Our prayers have been answered!!!!

We received a call on Saturday that Zoom was in the neighborhood next to our (Deer Creek). We both rushed over & sure enough it was him. I was shaking so badly & as soon as I saw him started to cry. I wasn't even able to go to him, I was so scared. He had been gone for 11 days and just looked terrible.

Our poor guy lost over 20 pounds, has a bone chip that will need to be removed via surgery, a wound on his leg and frost bite on a lot of his body. We rushed him to the vet that sent us over to the emergency vet hospital. His temp was dangerously low and he was very dehydrated. His spirits were up though.

He only had to stay at the hospital for one day and we brought him home yesterday. He still looks bad but is eating & is taking his medicine. It will be a slow process but he is a trooper. We had to cancel Nic's birthday party on Saturday, but will have one this Saturday. Thanks for all your prayers!!!