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Happy 13th Birthday Nic!!!

We are now the parents of a teenager. Hard to even imagine he is that old. I am looking at a picture of Nic taken when he was about 6 months old. That cute little boy has grown up to be a great guy. He is now taller than his mom & at the same height as his dad. I have already had to buy him new jeans, since the ones purchased in September are too small. He is wearing a size 10 shoe & I know that will shortly change. What a blessing he is.


Farah said...

i'm so glad Zoom is okay. I can't imagine what I would do if Faith were lost. Did he get hit by a car?

Also it is amazing how fast they grow. Dax is now 3, and we found out that we our family is expanding again. Miss you. Glad you are posting. It makes you not seem so far away