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Where Did You Go?????

You decided that it was more interesting outside the backyard & busted through the fence. The problem with that is we can't find you and it has been 5 days. Dad has looked all over for you, Mom & Nic have looked all over & so has several friends. We have put up flyers all over the place but no luck yet. What was so interesting that you needed to get out? Was there a cute girl you just had to see?

It has been raining and will be getting cold enough to snow & with your short hair you will be so cold. Please come home so we can care for you. Please don't let the report be true that you were hit by a car on Shaw Road. I am hopeful you will go to someone so that they can call us. We miss you, you silly dog!!!

Love Mom


David Isbell said...

Have you found your dog?? I am very interested in this.

Steve, Mae & Nic said...

Nothing as of yet & it has been a week.