Mae’s Crafty Creations


I just love making Christmas cards.  The colors are just so pretty and they bring back wonderful memories.  It also means we are at the end of a year that passed by so fast.  But isn't that the way each year?  Time speeds up faster & faster each and every year and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  It just means we need to treasure each moment, document those special times and start your day with a smile :)!

Today I wanted to share Rudolph with you.  This Shirleys 2 Girls digi is so cute with that wreath around his neck.  Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to see your own Rudolph with a wreath.  We have deer in our neighborhood and I enjoy them every time I catch that glimpse.  A buck scared the bejueezes out of my husband the other morning.  He was rounding the front of his truck (he backs in) and as he got to his door there was a buck on the other side of a short fence eating our neighbors apples from his tree.  With it so dark when Steve leaves the lights on the side of the garage don't reach that far.  I have never seen a buck in our 11 years here.
Have a wonderful day & remember to smile!


Danni said...

How cute and fun!

Gina said...

Love the striped paper here, great for a Christmas card!